Druid Underground Film Festival

Promising viewers a “high powered blast of subversive cinema,” the Druid Underground Film Festival (DUFF) will roll into the Tim Faulkner Gallery this Monday. The festival starts off with curator Billy Burgess’ “FOUND FOOTAGE ASSAULT,” a mashup of existing footage culled from amateur monster movies, Christian scare films and instructional videos pulled from “decrepit VHS vaults.” If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite for weird, check out the amazing titles of DUFF’s other short films: “Devil Diva,” “Swear Words,” “Lenny’s First Time in the Sex Shop” and “You Don’t Go Fucking Killing People.” With lame-o “independent films” clogging the bowels of the cinematic hellplex known as the “mainstream,” DUFF promises to be a shot of stool-loosening awesome, like a colon cleanser for your brain. Don’t you dare miss it.

Monday, Oct. 19

Tim Faulkner Gallery
8-10 p.m., 18+ | $7
1512 Portland Ave.