Dragon Boat Festival & Race

Sadly, Dragon Boats are not for battling dragons — they’re actually 40-foot-long traditional Chinese boats decorated with dragon heads and tails, and they’re fun as hell to race, which is why the Dragon Boat Festival hosts their annual race on the Ohio River to raise money for seven local charities. The time for registration has already passed for this year’s race. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the many other cultural activities, performances and food that will be at the festival! There will be demonstrations of traditional Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting and Tai Chi. Performances include “Face Changing,” “The Monkey King Uproar in Heaven” and traditional Chinese acrobatics and magic. Food trucks include the Louisville Sushi Truck, Traveling Kitchen (which has the best Korean tacos) and the always amazing Louisville Dessert Truck.


Waterfront Park
9 a.m. | Free