Dixie’s Happy Hour

Enjoy a new take on the classic, off-Broadway hit “Dixie’s Tupperware Party,” while enjoying your own home happy hour. But Dixie, the charming Southern star of the show, isn’t here to talk Tupperware. More like, “What do you get when you serve up gin, rum, vodka and tequila?” the show asks. “According to Dixie, if it doesn’t lead you to doing something where you have to scroll through your photos from last night to see who you need to bake apology cupcakes for, then if you squint in just the right way and change your focus, they’ll allow you to see the glory in you that makes you the remarkable person you are.” It sounds like an optimistic, glass-half-full happy hour… and one that begs for your participation. We just recommend picking between gin, rum, vodka and tequila and sticking to that one — we’d hate for you to forget how good the show was.

Through April 18

Times vary | $35