Damaged Goods

Improv theater is one of the most beloved traditions in all of modern theater, and local troupe Damaged Goods is one of the great torchbearers, regularly giving audiences an up close and personal view of the absurdity that takes place on stage. The troupe is made up of three local performers — Rocky Williams, Parker Bowles and Stefan Gearhart — who have developed a very specific chemistry within their stage show that has left them with a connection so deep, it’s almost as though they can read one another’s mind. The result of which ends up being so damned funny you’ll leave with the muscles in your chest sore and entirely out of breath. With their mental gymnastics and calisthenic use of language, their shows feel like you’re working out at a gym of laughter.

Saturday, March 12

The Bard’s Town
7:30 p.m. | $10
1801 Bardstown Road