Crystal Wilkinson Presents Perfect Black

Baring the history of one’s soul onto pages — it requires so much of one’s soul. Willingness and even prose skills only go so far — no matter how the library sections and bestseller lists fill up with memoir. In her new book “Perfect Black,” Crystal Wilkinson has done more than revisit the moments and environment and relationships that made her. Once she refers to herself as “a black professional woman with a trained, homogenized tongue” — but if you know anything about Kentucky’s Poet Laureate, the truth stands tall, and that description skirts around the power of all that’s said by that tongue. There’s discipline and finesse that’s astounding in its steadiness as she describes incidents, perpetual struggles and impressions and tributes (especially to the “women that made me a woman”) in poems and short essays. The collection’s strengthened with visual accompaniment through illustrations by Ronald W. Davis. Register for Ms. Wilkinson’s virtual presentation introducing the book through Carmichael’s website.

Thursday, Aug. 19

7 p.m. | Free