Community Research Expo 2020

Social inequality and racial injustice have inspired a generational movement including more than protests in the streets. Join for The Root Cause Research Center’s inaugural Community Research Expo, a virtual conference, “to learn about five outstanding community research projects led by community leaders who have been impacted by housing injustice and the Racial Wealth Gap here in Louisville, Kentucky.” Discover new, emerging details and firsthand perspectives on evictions and rental assistance, West End developments, hiring discrimination, what can and needs to be done, and more. Attendees will have first access to research reports, video presentations and interact with featured research presenters, including: Woody Pryor, Marlesha Woods, Shannon Floyd, Shemaeka Shaw, Missy Wilson, Katrice Gill and Whitney Majors. The Root Cause Research Center is “a grassroots-led research organization that collects data, creates data resources, as well as works alongside and trains community members in research methods and data storytelling.”

Thursday, Dec. 3

11 a.m.-2 p.m. | Free