Cliffnotes Of Insanity: ‘The Princess Bride In 30 Minutes (Or Less)’

For all you youngsters out there, CliffsNotes study guides were how kids cheated on tests before the internet. They were synopses of books that enabled you to pass a class without doing the assigned reading. Well, the folks at CreativeLouisville take that concept to the stage, in an entertaining performance of “The Princess Bride,” the 1987 cult classic, fantasy-adventure comedy. While the movie runs nearly 100 minutes, the Cliffnotes of Insanity team promises to deliver its version in about 30. Plus, in a (not so) surprising development, a key actor playing Prince Humperdinck might not show up, which will require the participation of someone from the audience. This show promises to be an outrageous, quick show suitable for all ages.

February 28, 2020

The Bard's Town
10 p.m. | $10 ($5 for kids)
1801 Bardstown Road