Civil War Memories: Contesting the Past in the United States since 1865

Take a personal journey back to the Civil War with Robert J. Cook, whose new book“Civil War Memories” provides “an array of textual and visual sources as well as a wide range of modern scholarship on Civil War memory.” According to the Filson Society’s website, “Cook charts the construction of four dominant narratives by the ordinary men and women, as well as the statesmen and generals, who lived through the struggle and its tumultuous aftermath.” Civil War Memories sheds light on one of the ugliest periods in American history, as well as how and why some of the history has been (intentionally) forgotten; thus, bringing an important relevance to today’s political debates surrounding issues of race. Cook is a professor of American history at the University of Sussex.

Wednesday, May 30

The Filson Historical Society
6-7 p.m. | Free
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