CirqueLouis: ‘Gravity’s Varieties’

As part of the LEO Weekly “A Little Off Center” series, CirqueLouis shows off its dazzling athleticism, acrobatics and artistic imagination in “Gravity’s Varieties”. This aptly-named show shows how these performers don’t fight gravity, but use it for mesmerizing performances. This will capture the wildest of imaginations of children and adults alike. According to organizers, “The Sunday event will be a sensory-friendly performance … a welcoming environment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and individuals with sensory sensitivities, with accommodations like dimmed theatre lights, extra space and freedom to vocalize and switch seats.”

Saturday, Nov. 3-4

The Kentucky Center
7:30 p.m. Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday | $25 and up
501 W. Main St.