‘Circle Mirror Transformation’

Eve Theatre opens their run of the Obie Award-winning dramedy “Circle Mirror Transformation” Thursday. Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Annie Baker focuses on five New Englanders enrolled in a drama class and scores a lot of laughs as they engage in theater exercises, posing as trees, beds and baseball mitts. Humor is just one emotion explored in this play, which runs the emotional gamut, and that humor is unflinching and sharp. Speaking of Eve Theatre’s mission, cofounder and coproducer, Kim Butterweck (who plays Teresa), said, “This production represents a new trail on our theatrical trek as we layer in a bit more of a masculine presence than we previously have to date … we dive a bit deeper into the workings of female and male relationships, the yin and the yang.”

May 21 – 31

The Bard’s Town
7:30 p.m. (Sun., 3 p.m.) | $22
1801 Bardstown Road