How to Build a Dog and Be a Better Person

The Kentucky Science Center is great for kids. But it also knows how to get adults involved and interested in science… beer! The Science Center is hosting this event at Mellow Mushroom, and if you’re a dog lover (or lover of beer or pizza), you’ll love this event. There will be two presentations on “how man’s best friend may also be man’s best invention.” First is about researchers in Siberia who have been domesticating and cohabiting with silver foxes, and, ultimately forging remarkable attachments and codependency. The second story is about humans partnering with dogs and other animals to teach compassion and empathy… as we naturally tend to care more about the four-legged fur than we do for each other.

Wednesday, Dec. 27

Mellow Mushroom (St. Matthews)
6:30-7:30 p.m. | Free
3922 Shelbyville Road