Bread for Work

Most of us work for “bread,” laboring so that we can earn enough dough to put bread on the table. Some artists and local organizations are making that transaction as literal as possible. Show up at Republic Bank Friday with some skills you’re willing to trade with others in the Louisville TimeBank and you’ll get a loaf of bread baked by Sean Starowitz, Kansas City-based artist and baker who will be performing at the event. Maybe you’re a great pet sitter but a sucky painter? Maybe you have a car and can give someone a ride to the doctor but you can’t afford the guitar lessons you want. Louisville TimeBank brokers transactions like these, where time is the currency. It’s all part of the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft’s current exhibition “Food, Clothing, Shelter Exhibit” (on view through Sept. 6) and the goal is to instigate new perspectives on time, wealth and community.

Friday, August 21

Republic Bank Plaza
10–5 p.m. | Free
601 W. Market St.