‘Bob Lockhart: Untold Portraits 
and Profoundly Untrue Satements’

Exciting new works by Louisville’s legendary Bob Lockhart are set to take over the walls of Reverly Boutique Gallery. Lockhart is known for his whimsically colorful drawings and crazed sculptures, but his new works are a new frontier using portraits as subject matter. “I’ve never done portraits before in drawing. So I’m really excited to show them to the world,” says Bob Lockhart. Even though portraits are a new territory for Lockhart, expect to see plenty of his trademark neo-bright-colors and stirring compositions. Lockhart’s style brings new life to his subjects with an explosion of colors. Some of the portraits include Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, Jim James and Teddy Abrams. The artist reception is Friday, May 27, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Through July 8

Revelry Boutique Gallery
742 E. Market St.