Black Market KY Soft Opening

Be one of the first to patronize Black Market KY, a Black-owned, woman-owned grocery store in The West End, which will sell a variety of fresh food and pay its employees a living wage. This is its soft opening, a one-day sale before its grand opening sometime in mid-December. You can pick out what you need or order a bundle of groceries and household items to save money, including the #Blacklist Special, which contains products from all Black-owned businesses. Pre-orders are now open for deliveries. People living in The West End get extra deals on goods. “At Black Market, non-West End residents (Accomplices) subsidize food for West End residents (Neighborhoods). Historically, West End residents have not been given equal access to healthy, affordable food so Black Market KY is ready to change that and disrupt the food apartheid,” write organizers.

Friday, Nov. 27

Black Market KY
Noon-9 p.m.
2313 W. Market St.
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