‘Black Joy’ Author in Conversation

In just one of many powerful essays in her fourth book, Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggetts serves up “The Right Kind of Chili” — and what she has to say flows organically from a remembrance of someone adapting to spaghetti under their chili to a contemplation of Black resilience. The author doesn’t always go to metaphors — she heads straight to the weathered-but-not-weakened heart in multiple looks at why she left her native Louisville, though racism was at all her destinations and only sometimes in new guises. Now seeking to distinguish Black joy (“unique and deeply rooted in the cultural experiences and expressions of Black people across the Diaspora”) from the pursuit (or even achievement) of happiness, she mines her experiences to find pragmatic, necessary and uplifting tools within herself, her heritage and her faith. Frank X. Walker will be joining Lewis-Giggetts in conversation. 

Friday, Feb. 4

Virtual (Zoom)
7 p.m. | Free