Biscuits With Biscuit Belly

Living in the era of self-quarantine can have its perks. Fresh-baked… well… anything tops that list. You can also learn a new trade… like baking biscuits! Join Chef Mateo Sullivan of Biscuit Belly in a biscuits and gravy cooking class, and no longer will you be limited to the ready-bake, pop-can biscuits. Register for the class on Chibo, an online platform for chefs and cooks to collaborate and cook and interact live from any kitchen in the world. (Chibo is a startup created right here in Louisville’s GE Appliance Park.) “Tickets” are a minimum of $10, and all proceeds from the event will go to Apron Inc., which supports service industry workers and local, independent restaurants impacted by the coronavirus. While you’re on there, take a look around Chibo for some of the other upcoming events: a “pantry only donuts” and food photography course, a session with bar Vetti Chef Andrew McCabe or Seviche Chef Anthony Lamas.

Saturday, April 11

10 a.m. and noon | $10 donation minimum