‘Ben Palmer 
Picture Show’

Ben Palmer has a strange way of viewing the world. “The Ben Palmer Picture Show” is absolutely no exception. Palmer who is the mastermind behind “Customer Service” and “Hope That Helps” brings his odd show that ends up somehow being kind of a photography exhibition and kind of a comedy show. Using stock photography as his jumping off point, Palmer proceeds to offer hilarious, scathing commentary that over-intellectualizes and over-analyzes the subject matter, to a point that ends up as little more than twisted, absurd little nuggets that he feeds to the audience piece by piece. I know it sounds weird, maybe even juvenile, but the show has received rave reviews all over the country, and Bob Petite of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” has referred to it as a “modern day Crank Yankers.”

Friday, Nov. 27

The Bard’s Town
10 p.m. | $10
1801 Bardstown Road