Author-Poet Conclave

How much human interaction has 2020 brought you? If you’re pining for a bit more — tantalizing brief connections — local author Kyle Coma-Thompson delivers with his tight, little prose collaboration “926 Years.” Each two-page entry’s titled with just a character name and age. Don’t confuse these with portrait sketches, though — this is true microfiction, and close-reading is rewarded. Some stories take you through details of split-section action. Next might be interior recollections that draw out an arc of changing faith. Several observe how the young and old, or the disengaged and the devoted, can surprise themselves with their most intimate values. And occasionally, there’s an authorial bitch-slap to keep readers awake, aware, and alive. Two souls who are very much alive — poets makalani bandele and Alen Hamza, each capable of combining musicality, wit, and intensity—will join Coma-Thompson in Thursday’s virtual discussion. Go to “Events” on Carmichael’s website to hook you up with the app for connection.

Thursday, Dec. 10

Carmichael’s Bookstore
7 p.m. | Free

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Author-Poet Conclave

New Jersey–expatriate T.E. Lyons reconnected with the written word coincident with the arrival of his first child. His byline has since appeared on over a thousand reviews, previews, features, and fiction pieces–and a clutch of journalism awards. Favorite interview questions: “What’s your idea of good country music?” and “Do you think that last question was meant to bait you?” Reading and listening suggestions always welcome.


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