Art in NuLu: 
First Friday Roundup

First Light Gallery (1009 E. Main St.): “Testament” by Jennifer Thoreson showcases “dramatically staged photographs explore turning points in relationships.”

Garner Narrative (642 E. Market St.): Tim Crowder’s “Hey, Happy Way Back Down Home!” is a collection of 3D paintings that “work out what it meant to grow up in the South.”

Paul Paletti Gallery (713 E. Market St.): “That Much Further West,” is a collection of black and white photography from three New Mexican photographers: Kirk Gittings, Jan Pietrzak and Philip V. Augustin.

Revelry Gallery (742 E. Market St.): “New Works” by Eric Orr showcases paintings that “mines pop culture for iconic images, people and characters.”

Zephyr Gallery (610 E. Market St.): “PROJECT 19: The Prolonged Gaze” features works by Nhat Tran, Vian Sora and Tiffany Calvert. Curated by Miranda Lash, these three artists “paint in a manner that bends, challenges, and expands our understanding of painting.”

Wayside Expressions Gallery (120 W. Broadway St., Hotel Louisville): On your way in or out of NuLu, you could also stop by this gallery for “Pieces,” a collection of paintings by Barbara Tyson Mosley and Tomisha Lovely-Allen.

Friday, Sept. 1

6-9 p.m. | Free