Allen Rhody Kohnhorst

It’s almost a cliché that musicians can also be visual artists. Off the top of my head, I can think of John Mellencamp, Tony Bennett and Joni Mitchell. Louisville has produced its fair share of creative hybrids, including Allen Rhody Kohnhorst. He’s best known as a songwriter, singer and guitarist, but he says his first love was painting. The show is a mix of new (acrylic and watercolor paintings) and older work (drawings and prints). Look for a drawing of sculptor Ed Hamilton. Kohnhorst and Hamilton were art school classmates. “Whenever the model for life drawing class didn’t show up,” says Kohnhorst, “[the] instructor, and a great artist herself, Lucy Diecks, would recruit one of the students, and that day it was Ed’s turn.” 


Lettersong Studio & Gallery
1501 Story Ave.