AIGA Design Week: ‘Beauty’s the Best Way to Get Ugly with the Competition’ by Pip Pullen

Maybe you know Pip Pullen from LEO’s crass, yet insightful, column “Two Brits in the Lou.” Or maybe you know him as the president of the advertising/marketing/web development firm Mightily. Either way, Pullen knows a thing (or possibly two) about design and marketing. That is why he is giving a talk on the best ways to measure success in creative fields. The talk will “give you sophisticated intellectual tools to tell anyone who insists that time sheets are necessary, that profits are more important than awards, that thoughtful process is fundamental to problem-solving, or that function overrides form to fuck-the-fuck-off.” You must have a Design Week Passport code to attend, so be sure to purchase your $10 passport online beforehand.

Friday, Aug. 11

1804 Entrepreneur Center
1-3 p.m. | $10
744 E. Market St.
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