Admiral James Stavridis Kentucky Author Forum

A much-sought-after geopolitical commentator, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander James Stavridis comes to the Kentucky Author Forum to talk about his book “Sailing True North: Ten Admirals and the Voyage of Character.” His chosen 10? He goes full speed ahead past David Farragut to that noblest of nobles, Lord Nelson, earns a not-surprising place — as does China’s resilient explorer Zheng He. You probably can’t get much more of a polar dynamic between great leaders than Sir Francis Drake and Grace Hopper, and that’s an example of why you might make the bold choice of giving this book as a gift. A quote from Hopper herself sums it up: “Everyone is playing it safe. We’ve lost our guts. It’s much more fun to stick your neck out and take chances.” NPR’s Melissa Block hosts the event. —T.E. Lyons

Monday, Dec. 16

The Kentucky Center
6 p.m. | $25 (dinner with author extra)
501 W. Main St.

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Admiral James Stavridis Kentucky Author Forum

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