Abbey Road on the River

Beatlemania is overtaking Louisville again with the annual Abbey Road on the River! More than 60 bands from around the world will pay tribute to the Fab Five with performances by The Orchestra, a collection of former ELO members and two former members of Wings, along with tributes to Queen, Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen. To commemorate John Lennon’s 75th birthday, Lennon’s sister Julia and George’s sister Louise will be there sharing their memories of John. Tribute artist and Beatle historian Tim Piper will perform “Just Imagine,” backed by Working Class Hero. And if you’re feeling extra obnoxious, there will be a selfie installation titled “turntable wall.” Visit #arotr to find out who you need to unfriend!

MAY 21 – 25

Belvedere Festival Park & Muhammad Ali Center
Times Vary | $19.64 One Day
485 W Main St. & 144 N 6th St.