A Paragon of Perseverance

A lot of us grumble about what we’ve had to go through lately. Tension on the streets or around the globe. A disease takes jobs even when it doesn’t take lives. It’s enough to make us bounce over to the next Netflix binge. But Kentucky attorney W. Ron Adams has gone through a life with devastating challenges, yet he has kept finding positivity and moving forward. He and co-author Fred Anderson have captured it all, with humility and hard-earned humor, in “Coal Mine to Courtroom.” As Adams will share at his booksigning, childhood with an abusive father was just giving way to basketball-fueled opportunity when a catastrophic mine accident left him a quadriplegic. The author isn’t promising to share some secret to unblemished joy and career and personal success since then — this book simply lays out details big and small. But along the way Adams includes insights into how his Christian faith was strengthened, as well as more-secular contemplations from observing how people do or don’t change. This book doesn’t slickly sell inspiration, but it’s there to be found.

Friday, April 8

Carmichael’s Bookstore
6 p.m. | Free (masks required)
2720 Frankfort Ave.

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A Paragon of Perseverance

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