‘A Journey Of Elegance’ By Sheila Fox

Sheila Fox is having a moment. She was one of the artists featured in LEO’s Feb. 2, 2022 Arts and Entertainment issue and is currently showing at Revelry for the first time. The mixed-media painter specializes in portraying Black women throughout history, with an emphasis on culture and fashion. With a love of vintage costume jewelry (a woman after my own heart), she occasionally includes fabric, feathers and jewelry in her work. “My hope is that the majority of the viewers feel enriched, beautiful and classy,” said Fox. “I want them to recognize themselves within my art and embrace the ultimate radiance of timeless modern fashion. When I’m done creating and painting the face, my favorite things to do are style the hair and add the accessories. I feel that I’m the personal stylist for each piece I create.” 

Through March 6

Revelry Boutique + Gallery
742 E. Market St.