It’s 4/20, Bro

If you go to, you can read all about why 4/20 is a holiday for stoners, but to be honest, who cares? It’s just an excuse to put a little extra kief in your pipe, eat that edible you’ve been saving and get sky fucking high. Now, if you’re looking for something more to do than sink into your couch, here are a few options: Kaiju is hosting a fundraising party for Louisville Championship Arm Wrestling at 10 p.m. (sure to be some fellow stoners there); HopCat is hosting a “Super Dank 4/20 Party” with drink specials for its headiest beers starting at 11 a.m. (be careful mixing your intoxicants); and if you really wanna get trippy, head to Copper & Kings for an outdoor screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” at 8 p.m. But most important — Just Blaze!

Friday, April 20

Everywhere there aren’t squares
All day