2020 Christmas (Makeup) Party

After the tragic cancellation of 2020’s most important late-December holidays — Christmas, New Year’s Eve, my birthday — Zanzabar was keen to make up for lost time with a free mid-summer Christmas party. You’ll sing Christmas songs with Bullitt County’s favorite four-named country singer, Tyler Lance Walker Gill. You’ll eat Christmas food (maybe no roast beast, but don’t be a grinch about it.) You’ll drink eggnog shots and jello shots, just like at Grandma’s house. You’ll flex your post-vax arms in a sleeveless holiday sweater contest. If you’re really feeling the holiday spirit, you’ll even participate in an optional $10 gift exchange. That whole “home for the holidays” thing is so last year. Celebrating with strangers at an arcade bar in June is so much cooler, without that winter chill.

Wednesday, June 23

6 p.m. – 1 a.m. | No cover
2100 S. Preston St.