1200, Beacons, Twenty First Century Fox

The final Rye Back Porch Session of the year coexists with NuLu Fest and features local favorites 1200, Beacons and Twenty First Century Fox. Jecorey Arthur — who plays under the moniker 1200 — is unpredictable in how he arranges or reimagines his sharp, boundary-pushing hip-hop. With a dark electro-pop, Beacons manages to sound like both the past and future. Sometimes bright and punchy and at others melancholy and dreamy, with a constant maximalism that doesn’t fear the edge, but always manages to stay in control, Twenty First Century Fox has a remarkably barely-contained sound with an incredibly large radius. And it’s all free.


Rye (Back Porch Session)
7 p.m. | Free
900 E. Market St.