Eulogy for an Old Friend

So long, puppy. You had a good run. It was your lot to have to depend on us, a bunch of smelly primates with barely any hair at all and an unbearable knack for destruction, to provide for your well-being.... Read More ›

Heyburn 9 Trial Exposes Ills

Being an American civil rights lawyer is a lot like being a doctor, except your patient has more moving parts than just one bipedal sack of meat and bones and is therefore easier to misdiagnose, as I did a couple... Read More ›

Can the Midwexit be stopped?

Canvassers, candidates and (I suppose) certain pockets of religious enthusiasts hear things the rest of us don’t. They knock on doors. They talk to strangers. They listen to the background hum of humanity closely enough to make out instrumentation and... Read More ›

Stealth bills seek to crush dissent

They hear you. If you ever marched in the rain and chanted because an unarmed black kid got killed in a hailstorm of government bullets... If you sang labor movement songs to the senate majority leader in your university library... Read More ›