Breaking the Gender Binary

Well, I went and did it. I finally added pronouns (he/him) to my social media profiles and email signatures. It took me a long time because, at age 41, I am a stegosaurus when it comes to issues of gender. At some point, probably a couple of years ago, the realization that I should be more sensitive to the changing world around me bit me on the tail, and it has taken this long for the sensation of pain to reach my walnut-sized brain. Forgive me the delay.

Nearsighted reptile that I am, it’s particularly difficult for me to see very far into the future. I am accustomed to the prehistory that’s right in front of my face. So, when I am told that “the future is female,” which I hear pretty frequently, I have no real basis to disagree. But I wonder if it’s really so.

The past is most certainly male: It’s dumb, it lies about everything, and it keeps trying to fuck us. But the future? The future is hard to see. The future has lots of letters. The future has lots of rules. The future seems to have no rules at all. The future is confusing.

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