We Forget How To Fight And End Up Taking Too Much

It’s been a little over a month since ICE rounded up about 700 immigrants in Mississippi, most of whom were engaged in the reprehensible act of working jobs that will never be filled again and putting food in bellies that might not be filled again for a long while. The workers were put on the proverbial cattle cars (though perhaps they are literal by now; history is moving ever faster into the past) and sent to the proverbial concentration camps (though we know at least some of those are literal). There, for the crime of being in a location on planet Earth without the right pieces of paper, they will be treated worse than the worst American criminals: stacked on top of each other, denied toothbrushes and soap and moved hundreds of miles across the country without word to the little bellies they left behind. After months, or perhaps years of incarceration, they will be sent back to devastating poverty, unimaginable violence or a failing state they’ve never known, or some combination of the three.

When this happens (and it will continue to happen), conscientious folks tend to get upset. When people get upset, I get calls. “What can we do to stop the raids?” “How do I protect the nice family I know from church?” “Who do we sue over this shit?”

To spare you the call, I can tell you now: I don’t know.

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