We told you so

It’s been almost five years since my colleagues and I sued then-candidate Trump for inciting violence at his campaign rallies on behalf of three protesters who were beaten up by an angry mob of white supremacists. We lost. This article is addressed to the federal judges who tossed out our case without holding the President accountable when you had the chance.

We told you so.

Let’s take a moment to remember what the political landscape in 2016 was like. Back then, American democracy was chronically ill, but not yet looking for a hospice bed to die in. And yet, anyone paying attention knew that an unprecedented brand of American political violence was in the works on Trump’s campaign trail.

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Liberate Michigan!

To those of you marching in “Liberate [your state]” gatherings in capitals all over the Midwest, my sympathies are with you. Especially those few who are out there because the government is willing to let the unemployed die on the... Read More ›