Legalization Now

The Kentucky legislature debated legalizing medical marijuana during this year’s legislative session. February 12, Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo announced that his medical marijuana bill was not going to pass this year. Speaker Stumbo should be commended for trying to move our Commonwealth forward but his bill was a mere half measure. Kentucky should legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes and we should do it immediately.

As a conservative, I believe government’s role in our lives should be limited. A society must implement laws necessary to protect its citizens from each other. However, government often oversteps its role when it seeks to regulate how its citizens should live when the consequences of a citizen’s decision likely only effects the citizen himself. As free people, we must have the right to choose for ourselves how we want to live our lives.

Conservatives were utterly aghast that Michelle Obama, by government fiat, arbitrarily changed the school lunch menus because she has determined they were not healthy enough. Forget the thoughts and opinions of the local school systems, the parents or the students because we have an omniscient First Lady. Or, need I remind my fellow conservatives of our complete outrage when nanny state liberal Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned “over-sized” sodas from being sold in New York City. Mayor Nanny State determined in his superior wisdom that he must protect us, the uneducated masses, from ourselves. Nanny state liberals have even gone so far as to threaten to tax “junk food” and “fast food” because the nanny state liberals believe they know better than the rest of us what we should eat. I find their perceived superiority and presumptiveness arrogant and infuriating.

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