The real Occupy ICE

By now, the Families Belong Together Rally on June 30 seems like old news. A grasstop organization took it upon itself, once again, to helm a rally in the name of “helping” immigrant communities. By the time the date rolled around, the White House had already backpedaled, saying it would, in fact, keep families together — in concentration camps.

The signs printed off a national website, which calls on white liberals to trod over the work of grassroots organizers, declared that “Families belong together.” They seemed doubly ironic then. That’s what happens when white liberals attempt to lead but fail to truly listen, understand and act on the truths and demands expressed by people fighting for the lives of their families, friends and communities.

The grasstop organization snagged the event from two upstart Louisville do-gooders who’d signed on at a national website, and it immediately changed the location of the protest to City Hall. Black and brown organizers were determined to relocate the rally to the locus of offense and the originally-planned location: the Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices at Seventh Street near Broadway. It’s this same location where Occupy ICE Louisville has now made it through a week and a day, hopefully, by the time of this publication. But that day, black and Latinx leaders called crowds to march away from City Hall, and then proceeded to hold it down at both locations.

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Trump isn’t crazy or dumb

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