Admit when you are racist

“Hey. You just scratched my car.” “No, I didn’t. And you’re shaming me in front of everyone in this parking lot.” “I don’t understand why you won’t admit it.” “You are being aggressive.” “I’m upset that you scratched my car.... Read More ›

A town without pity

Andre gets shot and ends up at the emergency room. His family gathers at the hospital and finds out he’s going to make it. While he recovers, some people come out to talk to his folks. One is a young... Read More ›

The real Occupy ICE

By now, the Families Belong Together Rally on June 30 seems like old news. A grasstop organization took it upon itself, once again, to helm a rally in the name of “helping” immigrant communities. By the time the date rolled... Read More ›

Trump isn’t crazy or dumb

“The president is insane.” “Jeff Sessions is a racist moron.” “These idiots elected Trump.” “Stupid people voted against their own self-interest.” These statements probably seem familiar to you. Maybe you have said similar things yourself. I know I have. At... Read More ›