No more charity for racial insensitivity

Jefferson County Public Schools are out of control, and it isn’t the kids. Allegations of child abuse by preschool teachers. A principal with poor boundaries and loose lips. Police abusing and aiming weapons at students. With so many adults in... Read More ›

Perfect shade of handsy harasser orange

Councilman Dan Johnson has made fools of the entire Metro Council. And yet this debacle over sexual harassment claims made by Councilwoman Jessica Green and an aide of Councilwoman Angela Leet has highlighted a glaring deficiency in the rules that... Read More ›

The year of handsy men

It isn’t just that Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson is alleged to be a man who can’t keep his pants up or his hands to himself, it is that he’s from a lineage of bad male behavior that includes being... Read More ›

I mean, really — This is America.

I’m sick of thinking about the problems of old, rich, white men. The problems of rich white guys leave the rest of us, regular folks of all colors, underwhelmed, underfunded and underrepresented. I woke up today, happy that it was... Read More ›

UofL scandal: Students over sportsball

[Editor's Note: Read all of LEO's coverage of the UofL basketball scandal, including contributor Ricky L. Jones' "U of Hell: 'Trafficking black bodies'" and contributor Kurt X. Metzmeier's "Notes from the other 'university 6.'"] From the most-recent scandal involving Tom Jurich... Read More ›

Vietnam… now!

More than anything, as we stand on the cliff of another Asian conflict, another on the Korean peninsula, the lessons of the Vietnam War and the experiences of those who fought must be remembered. With an outrageous potential increase in... Read More ›

Three strikes for mayor… sanctuary now

Mayor Greg Fischer is disingenuous. He claims to support our immigrant population but refused to declare Louisville a sanctuary city after President Trump was elected and then again following the revocation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.... Read More ›