Hope for a less toxic health policy

Yesterday, Lexington-Herald-Leader Frankfort Bureau Chief Jack Brammer turned 65. On Saturday, Gov. Matt Bevin will turn 49. Happy birthday, fellow Capricorns. I have more in common with Jack than with Matt. But in the spirit of Bevin’s inaugural goodwill challenge “of befriending someone who’s in a different political party than yourself and … find something you agree on,” I want to highlight the single issue that united us during the campaign: medical marijuana.

During the debate at Eastern Kentucky University, Bevin said, “I do think there’s unequivocal medical evidence of the fact that there are benefits for … those with cancer, those with epilepsy … I think it should be prescribed like any other prescription drug. I think it should be regulated in the very same fashion … I would, in fact, sign such legislation into law.”

Bevin’s opponent, Democrat Jack Conway: “If we passed a law for medical marijuana, it would be easier to get on our streets.”

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Music, marriage and a mosh pit

There was a lot going on in New Vision Ministry Center’s sanctuary. Robotic lights pivoted on shiny metal trusses that hung over the stage. Huge woofers pumped out Gospel-infused rock while lyrics flashed on video screens. But the Church Hoppers’... Read More ›