Holy, high hopes and humps

It gives us comfort to think we’re in the driver’s seat, that we control the pace and path to paradise — except, perhaps, during those Carrie Underwood moments when we run too fast, too low on faith and gas, spin... Read More ›

Contempt of clerk

When cameras captured Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis denying a marriage license to a gay couple “under God’s authority” — in defiance of the Supreme Court of the United States of America — fans of horror writer Stephen King had... Read More ›

Rage against expectations of violence

While Walmart’s sloganeers (who sued the mega-retailer) caution us to “Watch out for falling prices,” there’s a far more insidious decline that warrants wariness: declining expectations of nonviolence. No longer do I harbor high expectations for the lowest prices at... Read More ›

The VA’s credibility crisis

Officially, the decision as to whether the Veterans Administration will perform a thorough Environmental Impact Statement on the controversial 36-acre site selected for a new medical center is months overdue. Officially, nobody knows why the decision, expected last spring, is... Read More ›

The anti-climactic Omni orgy

As difficult as it was to fathom how the Omni Hotel & Residences project planned for downtown could go more dreadfully awry, last week it became radioactive after a bizarre, nuclear public relations meltdown led by Chris Poynter, Mayor Compassion’s... Read More ›

The cruel irony of tough ‘justice’

The only good death is one for which you’re ready. This suffocating, ass-kicking humidity is only half of it. I see dead people — and shiny, angry people holding arms. It’s enough to make you lose your religion. But maybe... Read More ›

Healthy, pretty and witty

We interrupt this malaise, complicated by a violent crime spree, to note our unbridled glee as we ride twin tidal waves for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” the “inalienable rights” embodied in our Declaration of Independence and U.S.... Read More ›

Fraternal disorder

Now that the smoke is clearing over the crater FOP President Dave Mutchler’s letter bomb blew in police-community relations, we need to assess the damage and figure out how to build the best partnership possible. Failure is not an option... Read More ›

Political class, ass and backlash

To clarify any confusion, let me affirm my commitment to non-violence via the Kentucky Constitution: “I, being a citizen of the state, have not fought a duel with deadly weapons within the State or nor out of it, nor have... Read More ›

The VA needs our outrage

Shame on Evergreen Cemetery. Two burial plots pre-purchased by the Dudley family were already occupied. The second double-booking came to light early this month when Nana, the family matriarch, died. She had anticipated resting next to her husband of 55... Read More ›