The Threat To Democracy Is Very Real, And Your Vote Matters

A little more than eight months ago, I endorsed Kentucky state Sen. Morgan McGarvey’s candidacy for Congress. While I normally avoid endorsements in primaries, I wanted to make sure that our nominee would be able to retain the only seat in the Kentucky federal delegation held by a Democrat. I was confident McGarvey could do that.

The rest is history; McGarvey is a few weeks from taking the seat in the U.S. House of Representatives that I have been honored to hold for the past 16 years. I strongly support his candidacy, and I look forward to calling him my congressman.

Obviously, I have a significant stake in that race, both personal and professional. But this year is very different. I believe I have a personal and professional stake in every race on the ballot across the country, and so does everyone who is reading this or not.

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Proudest Moment

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The Do Nothing Republicans Only Want Power

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The insurrection and the challenges ahead

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It’s the trust, stupid

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What do Republicans want?

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