LEO — not always first,
 always more interesting.

Interesting. Provocative. Informative. Useful. Confrontational. Funny. Irreverent… These have been hallmarks of LEO Weekly through almost all of its 28 years, especially in the beginning. While other news media spend their time trying to catch each other — or be each other — LEO has watched from the stands, throwing bon mots, brickbats, backstories, bombs and bouquets. This space typically is for setting fires, but today we are using it to let you in on LEO’s plans and how we got here.

LEO may not always be first, but it always is more interesting. And it is about to get even more so.

LEO is hiring a staff writer.

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Bevin’s unbridled stupidity

Tired of Kentucky’s crappy public image, then-Gov. Ernie Fletcher launched the “Kentucky Unbridled Spirit” advertising campaign in 2004 after a statewide vote on proposed slogans. Fletcher’s plan caught the attention of Jay Leno, who suggested the motto could be “Kentucky:... Read More ›

I will miss Donald Trump bigly

Donald Trump really has made America great again. He has made television news great again, like an addictive reality TV show that shocks you more every day. He has made newspapers great again, prompting award-winning investigative journalism and creating news... Read More ›