Noise and mystification

Liberatory scholar Paulo Freire wrote extensively on how oppressive societies are maintained. One of his interesting ideas was mystification — “the process by which the alienating and oppressive features of a culture are disguised and hidden. False, superficial and naïve... Read More ›

The coming race war

Los Angeles - One of my closest friends once admonished me, “You’re a romantic, dude. You think you can save everybody. What you gotta realize is a good percentage of our people are already done. They’re dead and just don’t... Read More ›

A love letter to Malcolm X

Rightfully, we pause to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. every year. Wrongfully, Malcolm X is still not so well received. Sadly, Brother Malcolm’s birthday often comes and goes without the majority of people realizing it. There is no fanfare in... Read More ›