Rev. Cosby’s support for Judge McLaughlin called out on Twitter

Last month I saw a tweet from St. Stephen’s pastor, Kevin Cosby, to Judge Sandra McLaughlin, a poorly rated judge, seeking re-election: “@McLaughlinJUDGE it was great to have u n church today. U r one of the most outstanding public servants n r community. Thanks for all u do!”  

WFPL reports that McLaughlin was recorded making inappropriate remarks about courtroom defendants. Regarding a defendant who wore an Obama shirt to court, she said, “He’s lucky to get out of here alive. Did you see his T-shirt? ‘Barack Obama, Let’s Do It Again.’ That was a double whammy.” Naturally, I was surprised to read Cosby’s tweet supporting a judge who is seemingly biased against the kinds of people he seeks to pastor.  

Here is an abridged version of our online debate after I criticized his endorsement; the full exchange is available on Twitter.

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