Bouncing Forward

A marriage counselor was the first person to turn me onto the concept of people being “at capacity.” Maybe it manifests itself as walking out of a room during an argument because one knows one will react negatively if one... Read More ›

Will Toot for Funding

“Other people are talking about what’s going on here,” April Foster said during IdeaFestival’s panel on startups in the Midwest. “It should be us.” Foster, founder of Inked, which connects influencers and products and the web, should know. She graduated... Read More ›

‘Freedom, cut me loose!’

I’m a spinster. An old maid. I would wear brown if the “Handmaid’s Tale” came to fruition, as my fertility is highly questionable, and I am not a wife. A woman friend told me that with age comes an inevitable... Read More ›

Slippery slopes

When I was in law school, in 1992, I was horrified when eugenics, or forced sterilization, came up in our constitutional law class. Having never encountered the 1927 Supreme Court case, Buck v. Bell, it was a new proposition for... Read More ›

Women are Out Of the Box

Sometimes you find vocations. Sometimes they find you. I am firmly in the latter category, as I had virtually no ambition to practice law, or be any kind of advocate, as a teenager in the 1980s, but, then, we didn’t... Read More ›

Je suis fatiguée

This murderous year, in what various news outlets have dubbed the “United States of Hate,” is killing our souls. I have seen more bloodshed online than I ever wished to see, via videos that automatically stream on social media, whether... Read More ›

This is how you do it

Jubilation. That’s what I felt when I saw Georgia U.S. Rep. John Lewis, 76 years old and a civil rights icon, leading a sit-in on the House floor on June 22, to protest the feckless and amoral Republican refusal to... Read More ›

You can’t outrun Brock Turners

In my neighborhood in the ‘70s, we were afraid of two things: 1) Chester the Molester in his white van, and 2) a strip of hedges on the street that ran perpendicular to mine, where our friend’s mom was running... Read More ›