Hands Up! Don’t Tweet!

I’m a brand. Are you one, too? If a social media disaster finds you, what ya’ gonna do? Every brand needs a strategy. And in the Age of Nefarious, a public relations crisis management plan better be part of yours:... Read More ›

To dissent may be divine

“It depends on what the definition of is, is,” former President Clinton said in response to a question about his alleged acts with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. Perhaps, his charisma overcame then what now feels like exploitation and... Read More ›

Change what you can’t accept

When I read Margaret Atwood’s explanation of what prompted her to write “The Handmaid’s Tale,” I began to wonder how quickly a country or a place or a life could be altered in a political or religious coup. That kind... Read More ›

May the best woman win

I am strong. I am invincible. But, according to recent research and statistics, it’s very unlikely I will run for office, make spontaneous investments or compete for the same job as my male counterpart, the requirements for which I am... Read More ›

Reverence, A Civil Rights Story

“This feels more like fascism to me,” she said in the lobby to her office, when I asked if the current political climate resembles some people’s reactions to presidential administrations during the civil rights movement. Meet Jane Lollis, a lawyer,... Read More ›

We have to trust ourselves

A lunatic will be president of the United States in a few weeks. Soon, a privileged, insulated, pussy-grabbing, monosyllabic, megalomaniacal reality-television star, who instigates fights on Twitter and cannot form complete sentences, will be the leader of what was arguably... Read More ›

Mean Season

I knew we were in trouble when Sheryl Sandberg wanted us to #BanBossy. Sandberg is Facebook chief operating officer and author of the how-to-get-moms-to-the-boardroom-table-without-feeling-guilty book “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead.” Her book offers women a recipe... Read More ›

May I have another, daddy?

If no other lesson is clear yet from the 2016 presidential election result, it is this: patriarchy reigns. Let freedom ring — if you’re a white male. And, if you’re a white nationalist, well, even better. What fresh hell is... Read More ›

Fire on the Mountain

Let’s talk about Nero. He was a Roman emperor who fiddled. While Rome burned. Or he may have played the cithara, or the lute, which both preceded the violoncello, named from the Latin vitula, a stringed instrument. Watching Yo-Yo-Ma play... Read More ›