Say It Loud

Appalled and outraged in November last year, I co-organized a rally to protest that time honored American tradition embraced by presidential candidates: ye olde grabbing of the women by their pussyes. How naïve I was to believe voters would revile such a practice and certainly cast out the pervert pox running for president. Our signs were on point, though: “No Perverts for President.” “Pussy Grabs Back.” A hashtag was born: #NotUpForGrabs.

Survivors of assault, molestation, rape, harassment, oppression, subjugation, misogyny, racism, sexism and transphobia came to share and, if not to pray, then at least to pillory the pervert back to hell. Karina Barillas, director of LaCasita Center, gave us goosebumps with her “no mas” entreaty long before the country would learn several women in Alabama allege former Judge Roy Moore tried to “move on them” (in Trump’s words), when they were teenagers, and the #NoMoore movement was born. That November day we were strong. We were confident. We were united.

We were wrong.

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Shell Game

2017 is winding down, but a newly-energized gender revolution is just getting started. As is the case with most things, if you want something done, ask a woman. Artists, actors, CEOs, producers, tech gurus, lawyers, writers, comedians, lawmakers and more... Read More ›

Quit jacking around

In what has become a regular feature of the weekly news cycle, several women have alleged they were sexually assaulted by a wealthy, white man with power, privilege and a predilection for predatory, if not perverse, behavior. Under no circumstances... Read More ›

Louisville is #MeToo

After Naomi Tutu spoke at the IdeaFestival in 2009, she wrote “Amandla!” for power in my copy of her book about her father, Desmond Tutu. We talked briefly about how to empower women and girls, and she suggested getting involved... Read More ›

Access Hellywood

F.O.H., Friend of Harvey, is how one of Harvey Weinstein’s employees claimed he instructed her to “keep track of” his would-be prey in her phone, a practice that began before she worked for him. According to another female employee and... Read More ›

Amazon’s imprimatur

When Amazon wunderkind Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million, it was arguably the newspaper’s salvation. Could Bezos do the same for Louisville? Amazon’s announcement that it is searching for a city for a second headquarters... Read More ›

Still not equal

Women’s Equality Day came and went last week without much fanfare as the nation reels from Charlottesville and Hurricane Harvey. Ivanka Trump had time to share that she supports a rollback of an Obama initiative designed to close the gender... Read More ›

Keep kids out of solitary

“Solitary confinement for juveniles is cruel, unusual and wrong,” U.S. Sen. Rand Paul told me in an email recently. “Our nation’s laws should be focused on imprisoning the most dangerous and violent members of our society, not trapping nonviolent offenders... Read More ›

Our last abortion clinic

I think it’s fair to say that Operation Save America and its soldiers for God are not here to quietly dissuade would-be pregnancy terminators from completing the act. Rather, Operation Save America and its rootin’, tootin’, Bible salutin’ troupe is... Read More ›

No more silence

To what do you give voice? Do you lend it to further social justice goals, or for your own economic gain? Do you speak out to increase your political or social leverage, or to escape discomfort? Do you talk or... Read More ›