Sex Ed, another view

“Why are we still talking about sex ed?” I was interviewed by Erica Rucker, LEO writer in an Aug. 9 column with that same title. Here’s the Sexual Risk Avoidance, or SRA, perspective. Let’s begin by clarifying that SRA programs... Read More ›

Speaking of mental illness

In September 2015, I was in handcuffs again. I was carrying a battered lunch box filled with totems of my chaotic manic episode, including a marijuana pipe and un-bottled psychiatric pills. As they read me my rights, I invited the... Read More ›

Ask Minda Honey: Gemini friendship trouble

In a relationship or life jam? Lemme unstuck your life: Minda Honey, My current partner and my ex-partner have always been very close friends. My ex has been saying things to my current partner that make her feel like... Read More ›