Pro Trans = Pronouns

“It’s just hard for me to use ‘they’ as a singular pronoun,” he says, smiling. “I’m just a grammar nerd and it feels wrong.” “Hard,” I say. “For you.” It’s only been a few months since I switched from saying,... Read More ›

Ask Minda Honey: Sex in the city… finally

In a relationship or life jam? Lemme unstuck your life — send your questions to: or reach out to me on Hey y’all, I’m fresh out of questions. Send Me Some. While I wait for that to happen,... Read More ›

Growing Kentucky’s economy with hemp

For far too long, the federal government has prevented most farmers from growing hemp. Although it was a foundational part of Kentucky’s heritage and today you can buy products made with hemp at stores across the country, most farmers have... Read More ›