An open letter from those of us in between

There isn’t much that we can write about how this pandemic operates. Either people understand what we’re up against and the necessity of social distancing, or they don’t. We need more tests.

Right now, the focus is on helping the most financially vulnerable people in this crisis. There is a part of this group that I know quite a bit about. They are the people who experience dysfunctional lifestyle patterns due to atypical neurological functioning. You probably know them as the “mentally ill.”

For people who fight the battle against depression, anxiety, addiction, ADHD and a many other conditions that disrupt daily activity and functioning, the prevailing and ongoing goal is to work our way back to “normal.” We spend hours in therapy and training to build coping mechanisms and habits that will allow us to participate in mainstream society: holding a job, paying our bills, maintaining and cultivating healthy relationships, fighting and controlling impulses that could land us in jail or the hospital or the grave.

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The LMPD and Himpathy

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A Thanksgiving Prayer

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