Ask Minda Honey: How Can I Better My Life When I’m Dealing with Depression?

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Hi Minda,

I’m a 25-year-old black women, and right now my life is a hot mess. A little over two months ago, I quit my first real job since finishing grad school. The problem is I quit before having another job lined up. I know that was a terrible idea, and I beat myself up about it every day. I’ve been aggressively applying for jobs, but no luck. This has been especially disappointing since I have been either overqualified, or met the education requirements, but lacked the “work experience.” (Why do I need three to five years of experience for entry level, low-paying jobs?) Recently, I have had to give up my apartment and move back home, and my credit that I was starting to build is in shambles because I can’t pay my bills and student loans. In the meantime, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to create opportunities for myself until something comes through, but my current situation has worsened my depression, and I’m just not motivated to do anything. What advice do you have for pushing through a situation like this? It feels like I dug myself into a hole that I will never get out of. I look forward to hearing back. Thanks in advance. — Sincerely, Adrift

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