‘An attack on the rule of law itself’

I was asked to share my remarks from the wonderful Jefferson District Court Investiture ceremony Jan. 6. All of us — especially lawyers — need to stand between the governor’s and the president’s attacks and the judiciary. That’s the wall that matters.

“Mr. Chief Justice, Justice Hughes, distinguished guests, judges of the Jefferson District Court and especially your proud families:

May it please the Court: That song [“Amazing Grace,” sung by the West End Boys & Girls Choir] is so beautiful, and I don’t know that I’ve heard it sung more beautifully. Those young men and women are so talented. And so waiting to be inspired — by us. The song also reminds me that, sadly, we’ve gone from a time in which a president of the United States, at a funeral in Charleston, South Carolina, for victims of a shooting (one, a state legislator, a friend of his) was so moved by the spirit and dignity of the moment to sing that song, to sing “Amazing Grace,” unprompted and alone, without music and to the whole world… to a time in which both our president and governor conduct themselves without grace and as if the only things that move them are power, anger and insecurity.

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