Ask Minda Honey: Dating A Trump Voter?

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Dear Minda,
Eight months ago, I matched with a man on Bumble, and we started exclusively dating. He’s super thoughtful, treats me well, and (at least for now) seems like the best guy I’ve ever dated. The reason I’m writing in is because I’m navigating in unchartered territory. On the second or third date, he made a couple jokes about how idiotic Trump could be, so I skipped over the politics talk. About a month in, he tells me that he voted for Trump. I consider myself decently open-minded, but as a black woman, I assumed (clearly a mistake) that anyone on a dating app that was all ~MAGA~ would swipe past me. And while he’s not screaming “build the wall,” or anything of the sort, I struggle with it. Is it possible to have a serious relationship with someone who doesn’t understand white privilege? Does he see me as an “exception” to black people and minorities? If I meet his family will I be walking into a miniature Trump rally?

—Lost in Love

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