Psst… Billy Reed — The South End Can Afford Dreams

You may have heard a rumor that The South End can’t afford the luxury of dreams. I don’t think this is a new stereotype (at least for my neck of the South End), but it was  perpetuated most recently by WAVE3 commentator and self-proclaimed “South Ender,” Billy Reed.

I’d argue that the most reliable indicator that you aren’t from The South End is when you walk into debates between neighbors and neighborhoods that you didn’t even know existed, including debates about where The South End lies and who is allowed to claim it as home, and you talk shit without even realizing you’re doing it.

I moved to Oakdale a little over 14 years ago, just before my younger daughter was born. I feel like I fit right in. My sister lives across the street from me. For a while, one of my other sisters lived next door to her. Our kids all played together as one of the many packs of feral children that cruised the neighborhood. I know which house to walk to when I need fresh eggs. I know which streets flood in a downpour. I’m privy to some juicy church gossip, and I know why weed dealers make the best unofficial block watch captains. Whether all this makes me a Southender or an interloper is up for debate and I’m not about to call the matter settled.

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