If We Lose The Rule Of Law, We Might As Well Tear This Capitol Down

This is from a speech Marc Murphy delivered at a Frankfort rally last week as the General Assembly opened its legislative session.

This is a beautiful building. [Looking around the Capitol Rotunda] You all made your way through security to get to see the marble, the amazing skylights, the panes. And when you came in this building, which is our Capitol, which is meant to do the same work as the Capitol of the United States in Washington, D.C., they didn’t ask you how much money you had; they didn’t ask you how much power you had; they didn’t even ask you who you knew. They just asked you why you were here. And when you told them, you told them this [gesturing at the rally], they allowed you in. Because this is a house of law.

If Mitch McConnell won’t allow a fair Senate trial to proceed, and if the president of the United States can get away with what is clear that he has done, then we might as well not have houses of law any more. We might as well tear this building down stone by stone — stones that ordinary men and women put here, the actual stones and the laws that they made to establish these democracies in our states and in our federal government. We might as well tear them down. Because they will become just museums to the past, of what we had and frightening reminders as we go forward into the new future, which is the new America. You might as well take that flag too.

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