Mike and Me: The journey of becoming all in

Mike Broihier and his wife Lynn were leaving a teacher’s rally and protest for social justice a week or so ago when Mike slipped down his mask and a young woman noticed him. She asked, “Aren’t you running in the Kentucky Democratic Primary to go up against Mitch McConnell”?

Mike answered, “Yes, I am.” The lady then questioned, “Why didn’t you speak today, then”? Broihier replied, “I’m here as a teacher, not as a candidate.”

And he went on to say, “There is nothing I can add to what was said so elegantly by the speakers on the podium. I am here to stand with them and listen.”

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The LMPD and Himpathy

So, in light of my recent prediction of hope for women’s rights in 2020, particularly in Louisville and Kentucky, I thought it only fair to balance that hopeful outlook with some soul-crushing cynicism, just so people don’t think I’ve had... Read More ›

A Thanksgiving Prayer

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