Gravity’s angel

My lab partner and I made a homunculus for a science project. I was majoring in ventriloquism, and she was studying sculpture, but we had to get some credits in the science department in order to graduate. That’s where we... Read More ›

Moving the river

I have always dreamed of having a gun, owning a gun. After all, I’m an American citizen; it is my prerogative to own a gun. It’s the American dream, right? I had held other people’s guns over the years, and,... Read More ›

Time of the season

Fables of the Deconstruction is taped in front of a live audience. “The Beverly Hillbillies.” Season 51, episode 12. Front foyer. Jed enters from the parlor, crosses toward the front door carrying a fishing pole. The front door opens letting... Read More ›


There’s a clearing out by the garden, just beyond the shed, that’s perfect for landing a sleigh, but I didn’t maintain it very well last year, so I spent the day of Christmas Eve working on it, collecting branches, clearing... Read More ›

A lucky guy

My neighbor is banging on some piece of garbage in his backyard. He collects metal to sell for recycling. Sometimes he gets metal window frames, and he smashes the glass out of them, very loudly, for long periods of time.... Read More ›

Wrong piano

“Fables of the Deconstruction” is taped in front of a live audience. Scene one. The Old Watering Hole. Paul is standing at the bar talking to Lyle. Paul: So, all I gotta do is move it? Lyle: Yes, but it... Read More ›

I’m set free

The man with no face invited me into a hall of mirrors. Some of them weren’t mirrors. They were doors. Some had curtains. I can’t remember it very clearly. It was dark. There was a light shining in my face.... Read More ›

Everything happens to me

We were gathering in the conference room for one of our regular meetings, but one of my selves was missing. “Any of you know where I am?” I asked, indicating the empty chair. “I was in the hall a minute... Read More ›

Nice work if you can get it

We usually break in our interns with simple tasks like record and movie reviews. Nobody important reads that stuff, so they can’t do a lot of damage. If they manage to write a complete paragraph without getting reported to the... Read More ›