The Jurich lie

Whenever someone has questioned the exorbitant salaries made by coaches of major NCAA sports programs, the response was always:

They do so much for the university! They bring in all of that TV money and advertising revenue, and that’s what attracts students to go here.

They point to Forbes magazine articles about how Louisville basketball is the most valuable program in America, including the 2011 story: “Louisville Athletics Program Is A Winner Financially.”

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Las Vegas? Blame Mitch McConnell

A popular topic of political conversation for years has been: What can we do to get past the partisanship? How can we fix the dysfunction in Washington? The only answer that I can come up with is: nothing... until Mitch... Read More ›

Interpretive political dance

Gov. Bevin, you know we appreciate good satire at LEO, but the fact is: Nobody majors in interpretive dance. And while we’re talking facts, it’s ironic that you demean dancers, using them as an example of worthless college graduates who... Read More ›

Amazon, here’s our request

Hey Amazon, thanks in advance if you are considering Louisville as your second North American headquarters. Your company profile is certainly impressive, and any city should be honored to gain your interest and attention. We already have a working relationship.... Read More ›

GOP hates edumacation

As Gov. Matt Bevin and the state legislature get closer to a special session to fix Kentucky’s pension problems, he has been ramping up the political rhetoric to sell what will inevitably be a controversial plan. Bevin’s mean-spirited words should... Read More ›

Make School Godly Again!

As Kentucky kids go back to school, they might see some things around the hallways that they haven’t in the past. A T-shirt with an image of the Crucifixion. Or, a “Build the wall! #MAGA” message. The law created by... Read More ›

We white people…

Satire is not always funny. Satire can include irony or exaggeration. Chanelle Helm’s piece, “White People...,” was her satirical list of ways white people can help end racism. Does she expect people will actually send her money? Or include her... Read More ›

Most dangerous fake news

Fake news wasn’t invented in 2016. Remember what you browsed as you checked out at the grocery store: “Loni Anderson Gives Birth to Aqua Child with Gills!” Whether people were in it to profit, or to undermine politicians, state leaders... Read More ›

Was Noah a tax dodger, too?

So let’s get this straight: The Ark Park is a for-profit, theme-park attraction one day, and then a nonprofit the next… and then back to being a for-profit. And it all has to do with Ken Ham’s efforts to escape... Read More ›