Guess who’s not coming to dinner

Nothing reminds me of the important stuff in life quite like a funeral. Last week, the father of a friend passed away. But while it was difficult and sad, we were able to recognize it as a positive opportunity in... Read More ›

Oh no she didn’t

Have you ever had one of those moments when the world seemed to slow down and get quiet long enough for you to realize something significant was happening to you? Do you have memories that consist simply of brief instances... Read More ›

Will you civil union me?

I used to be politically active. I would regularly write letters to my representatives in Congress, sign petitions and attend protests. I volunteered at the Fairness Campaign booth at the State Fair in the 1990s, and kids from all over... Read More ›

Unlearning homophobia (Part 2)

My best friend growing up was an African-American boy named Bobby. He looked like all the members of Boys II Men rolled into one, with the mischievousness of Bobby Brown and a smile like Theo Huxtable. We got along well... Read More ›

Unlearning homophobia (Part 1)

Do you use birth control? No. Are you sexually active? Yes. (Pause) So why don’t you use birth control? Awkward! You’d think the gynecologist’s office would be a safe enough place to disclose the intricacies of my sexuality, but this... Read More ›

Gay guide for straight people

Do you consider yourself heterosexual? Would you like to increase your harmony with an ever-growing gay community? If so, read on, for I am here to help. Below I have compiled a list of helpful hints, tips and trivial information... Read More ›

Homos in Hollywood

Back in the early 1990s, when I was a budding pre-teen lesbian, I used to dig through barrels of VHS tapes at the video store to find a movie that might have a hint of homosexuality in it. I would... Read More ›

Bring the change

Happy holidays to all! As we bid adieu to 2009 and welcome 2010, it seems like a good time to reflect, take stock, and figure out where we stand concerning matters that are important to us. Personally, 2009 has proven... Read More ›

Family ties

How do you know if animals in the ocean are boys or girls? What is a mind? Why is the top of your hair dark when the rest of it is blond? These are just a few of the billions... Read More ›

Queer query

That’s queer. You are a queer. Queer pride. Queer theory. Q Bar. (The “Q” does not stand for quesadilla.) What do we do about this funny little word that holds different meanings to different people? Its evolving history took an... Read More ›