My date at the state fair

We are now well into the sweltering days of August in Kentucky. The kids have returned to school. The late summer flowers are in bloom. And if you smell hard enough, you can catch a whiff of fried food and... Read More ›

Rational nation

I’m all for committed relationships, but personally I’m just not the marrying type. When same-sex marriage is (eventually) legalized on the federal level, I don’t know that I will be running to City Hall in my wedding dress, or white... Read More ›

Wishful thinking

Did you see the full moon last week? Like a giant flashlight in the sky, it was hard to miss. But as anyone who has worked in retail or customer service can tell you, the mysterious power of the full... Read More ›

Being gay in Uganda

The government of Uganda is considering legislation that would introduce life sentences and the death penalty as acceptable ways to deal with homosexuality, which already is illegal in the African nation. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill also includes penalties for individuals and... Read More ›

Are ya’ll sisters?

Unless you are Ellen Degeneres, Adam Lambert or RuPaul, coming out of the closet is not a one-time deal. It is less a singular act of declaring your sexual preference and more an ongoing discussion that can come up anywhere,... Read More ›

All the Pride we can get

The word pride itself has several definitions, some of which seem to oppose each other. Pride can be considered “an unduly high opinion of oneself; exaggerated self-esteem” or “haughty and arrogant behavior.” Then there is the other meaning of “proper... Read More ›

Where we have been, where we can we go

Twenty years ago, the LGBT community in Louisville was planting seeds of political activism that have grown to make our city the gay-friendly home it is today. In 1990, gay rights activists persuaded the Louisville Board of Alderman to pass... Read More ›

Queen for (more than) a day

Drag queens have long been declaring their right to be fabulous, entertaining and over the top. Louisville’s own The Connection nightclub hosts one of best and longest-running drag shows in the nation. And now the hit reality TV show “RuPaul’s... Read More ›

When it gets dark, Thunder rolls

The way I see it, sexuality in general is a lot like Thunder Over Louisville. A massive amount of preparation goes into the hair-raising and mind-numbing 28-minute (or so) display of booming fireworks, which is certainly a sight to behold... Read More ›