The kids are right

“My life is dope and I don’t feel any need to share it with a bunch of thirsty, passive aggressive losers,” said a young gent I know when I asked him about having completely abandoned all forms of social media.... Read More ›

Bronze-and-marble man-life

I cruised down to the Speed on Friday and caught a screening of “Funeral Parade of Roses.” It was real sweet, almost as sweet as the block of Cupcakke videos I watched on YouTube directly afterwards. Cupcakke, she’s not holding... Read More ›

Being flat is trending!

“When you’re hot you’re hot and when you’re not you’re not.” — Jerry Reed Everyone I know is so hand-wringing miserable, and so miserably mad all the time now, and for good reason. We’re all broke, in all the ways... Read More ›

Stay strong against the storm

“Black Lives Splatter” was but one cruel, racist and chilling comment among a myriad of disgusting, celebratory utterances attached to a particular video of the Charlottesville terrorist attack during which an American-born citizen committed vehicular homicide in the name of... Read More ›

Losing my grip and flying high

Last night, I told all my hopes, fears and conflicting thoughts to a praying mantis who was swaying on the tip of my thumb. As far as interspecies communication goes, I’m breaking new ground while actively avoiding as many people... Read More ›

Cast out old punk rockers

It’s gotten to where the heat starts to deplete you, and working out in it is pure uninhibited bullshit. You add a mean-muggin’ son with sweat, sawdust and tree sap, and boom — you’re ruined, flattened out, squashed! You spend... Read More ›

Celebrate this

July 5, the day you spend your morning in the backyard picking ammo casings out of the dog’s water dish. The day you suspend yourself over a foul, hard-partied toilet bowl because you ingested too much red, white and blue... Read More ›

Mark Marvelous

Mark Marvelous was that type of cat who would write out a recipe for napalm on the inside of a White Castle bag and sell it to a kid for five bucks laid out in quarters, knowing full well the... Read More ›