Din din for Mitch

Normally, when Kentucky hits the national news it’s for embarrassing, over-the-top reasons in dumb-fuckery — we built a biblical dinosaur boat, Rand Paul got body slammed, Matt Bevin is a vindictive, shallow shit head out here doing what vindictive, shallow... Read More ›

A nation of mean

We’re reaching peak nonsense, and it’s sickening to see just how poisoned by it all we have become. A shirtless, flexing, Nazi Viking, pickup artist and pro-rape video game enthusiast spewing verbal diarrhea about the alpha-male, sword-swinging, white nationalist complex... Read More ›

Ye, Bourdain… Kanye hits again

It’s a hot and rainy evening here in Possibility City, and the suicide of Anthony Bourdain has popped up, plastered and trending everywhere, which means I’m drinking beer, smoking well and listening to 808s & Heartbreak, the somber, ultra-reflective, experimental... Read More ›

Derby and Kid Rock apology

People speak in bumper sticker, and I fucking hate it! There is no way your brain is so easily summed up with a collection of slapped-on platitudes stating how simply rad and righteous you are, while negating the fact you’re... Read More ›

Back from opioids

On the same day, but an hour apart, I bumped into two friends of mine quite randomly. Two friends who could not be more different, but who had both disappeared into the same shadow world of opioid addiction and who... Read More ›

‘Black Panther,’ a triumph

I’ve told friends before that I was taught to read by two people, my mother and Jim Shooter, the former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics. I went from “Green Eggs and Ham” to Shooter’s penned “Secret Wars” in what feels like... Read More ›